Elections have consequences


Ignoring the GOP record of passing no bills that would reasonably pass the veto stage that might have helped the middle class;

ignoring their misrepresenting the realities of Obamacare for the scare tactics to support their wasting over 50 votes to repeal it;

ignoring their cuts to programs that help the working poor while passing bills that gave the corporations and the 1% tax breaks;

ignoring their cutting programs to help veterans and returning troops while getting self-serving photo ops and screaming that they support the troops;

ignoring that the GOP claimed it had our interest in mind all along, while it never seemed to do anything for the middle class, but kept saying everything they did was for our benefit,

the majority of those voting were convinced and put them in the majority in both Houses.

Now it’s time for the pay back. It’s time to show gratitude towards those who bought the lies and cast the votes.

And, how do they plan to do that?

The GOP plans to cut the Earned Income Tax and Child Tax Credit.

I’m sure the white middle class, of which 62% of those who voted supported Republicans, will be easily convinced this will be a good thing in the long run, and it will only mean a few years of continued suffering before the goodness of it all shows,




Oscar was found in a cardboard box along with the rest of his litter in a dumpster behind the Braum’s at  NClassen and 17th St in Oklahoma City.

Although the manager, who found the puppies, and his wife, gave away all the other puppies, they kept Oscar and one of his sisters until, as they claimed, Oscar got a little too rambunctious and playful with the new baby in the house and needed to go to another home.

That’s how I got him.

In reality, I believe, they couldn’t handle that he was epileptic (studies show 10% of dogs are).

That was in the year 2000, and they claimed Oscar was 6 months old when he was brought to my apartment on December 1 of that year.

For the next 14 years Oscar was a faithful companion through all the adventures in my life, and was very patient when I would come home angry and upset with the events in the school district.

At least three times he traveled in the car round trip from OKC to Boston for Christmas vacation, and peed on as many trees as he could get to on those trips.

He was the good dog who loved a ride in the car.

He just went along with whatever happened, and finally, in his old age he got to retire to Cape Cod where he discovered all manner of new smelly things he could attempt to eat on the beach at low tide.

Sunday morning he did not get up when it was time to go out, and spent the day sleeping. When I got home from a visit with family, I saw that he had not moved all day and that his breathing was getting labored.

Figuring this could be the end (somehow you just know), I slept next to him on the floor while he was on his dirty laundry bed so he would not die alone, and this morning, 11/24/14 at about 2:48 a.m. he took one or two big breaths and that was it.

He never got to that point where he could not live the life he was accustomed to, so his end was natural and not the result of a traumatic decision on my part. As a matter of fact, he was as active on Saturday as he usually was, so his end was rather sudden and peaceful.

So it was 14 years, the longest relationship I have had. And at no time did he cheat on me, steal a television or a car, beg for money, use drugs, run away from a debt, or get me in trouble with a landlord because of a wild party when I was not home.

Instead, he was faithful, enjoyed going on road trips without complaining about the distance and was happy with what we discovered along the way (somewhere I have a picture of him at Foam Hendge in VA and a few at Gettysburg before we got lost in the mountains, and he didn’t whine while we tried to find our way back to the highway), let me fume when I was upset without telling me annoyingly to calm down (he would just go into a closet where he had a bed and wait out the storm), and usually greeted me at the door when I got home. He was patient with my schedule that included lots of meetings and long days, although my going to a meeting meant he got a piece of cheese as I left.

And when I was drawing or on the computer he would curl up next to me or at my feet.

He will be missed, and he will never be replaced.

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Honoring the voters’ trust


I have always been curious when people like John Boehner, Mitch Mc Connell, Ted Cruz, and other Washington Republicans justify what they promote as “ What the American people want”, or “What the people have been demanding”, is it?


Or is it simply a statement they hope is accepted without investigation, and is to be assumed true merely because they said it, and it sounds good, like tossed out Biblical quotes that really do not exist.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted November 14-17 compared what politicians say the American people want with what the American people actually say we want.

According to the GOP, both before the November 4th mid-term elections and after the supposed landslide election that consisted of 51% of the 33% of eligible voters who went to the polls, the people’s priorities are:

1. Authorize Keystone Pipeline.
2. Repeal “Obamacare”,
3. Pass the “Hire More Heroes” (veterans) Act.
4. Pass Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement with Asia.
5. Lower corporate taxes.
6. Thwart Obama on Immigration Executive Action.
7. Reign in the EPA and roll back environmental regulations.

According to the people who took the poll, their actual priorities were

1. Access to lower cost student loans–80% support.
2. Increase spending on infrastructure–75%
3. Raising the minimum wage–65%
4. Emergency funding for fighting Ebola in Africa–60%
5. Addressing climate change/reducing carbon emissions–59%
6. Building Keystone Pipeline–54%

Further, some of the GOP agenda items that registered below 50% of the American people’s support were things like: lowering taxes by closing loopholes; approving U.S. troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria; reducing Medicare and Social Security benefits for wealthy retirees; new trade agreements with Asian nations; lowering corporate tax rates; cutting funding for ACA; path to citizenship; and raising Social Security retirement age.

Boehner and McConnell insist, however, that what we want is what THEY say we want.

They claim that the incoming GOP majority would “honor the voters’ trust”, but it is rather striking that they are actually ignoring the American people and pretending we want what they want.