What a strange God we have.


What a strange God some people need who leaves signs and wonders, but requires having to kill to get it done.

Where He could simply will it, their God causes tornadoes to leave a telephone pole that looks like a cross, but has to kill people and ruin people’s lives to do that.

He allows war, famine, and disease, so a handful of people can claim that they were saved by their loving God while others died.

He allows thousands to be killed at the World Trade Center, so He can have a cross appear out of the dust cloud.

He allows 168 people, men, women, and children, to die in a federal office building bombing so He can preserve a tree.


If He ever wants to show His love of me in a dramatic way, I really hope He just lets me win the lottery, and doesn’t kill people around me and leave me standing.

The house divided


The GOP and its Tea Party wing claim they want limited government, more individual freedom (they really are hot on that right to bear arms and freedom of religion business), and an end to government over reach. But it appears that they only want to have this happen when it affects their friends in Corporate America and their big donors, but not when it applies to the American people.

They seem to be promoting all kinds of bills that, while promoting corporations as people with all the rights and privileges of that, they are reducing the people to less and taking away their creator endowed unalienable rights.

In certain cases of equality, they ignore the person in favor of the restroom they might use, basing their decisions on their uninformed opinions. Being Transgender, for example, means nothing more than the restroom a person might choose to use.

In other areas they want to allow discrimination based on religious beliefs, just as it was back in the “good old days”. Slavery, then segregation, was based on certain Biblical principles, and religious freedom was the reason that things like desegregation should be opposed.

Now, in the name of religious freedom, discrimination against Gay people is perfectly acceptable as biblical.

Of course to deflect people away from seeing the bills like those recently passed in Indiana have a specific target in mind, they have to make it appear that if anyone chooses to deny service in restaurants, stores, or hotels, they have chosen to do so on their own.

The latest bills have basically removed responsibility for the bigoted treatment from the legislators who passed them onto the bigots who will use them.

To do this, they have just said a person can refuse service to anyone who goes against their religious beliefs, but they have had to avoid saying exactly whose religious beliefs they favor.

And what a can of worms they have opened.

A Muslim can refuse service to a Jew or a Christian, who in turn can do the same with a Muslim or a Jew, who in turn can do the same to a Muslim or a Christian.

In the plains states, where there are a lot of ranchers and where these religious liberty bills seem so popular, a rancher might find himself being refused service by a Hindu because he raises and kills cows.

Christians can refuse to serve each other because of the various beliefs of the many denominations. We saw how that went in our early colonial days with the Puritans and Quakers; in the 19 Century with Mormons and Christians; and more recently in Northern Ireland a few years back.

There are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations and organizations in the world, so the intra-sect discrimination within Christianity will be vast.

And what happens if a first responder or a doctor refuses treatment to someone from another religion because of religious differences.

Will these same states complain if companies move out of their state, or corporations refuse to do business with them?

The government, that too big, over reaching government that the GOP, religions, and the Tea Party oppose has invited people to exercise what will become a circus of discrimination, but it will not protect the practitioners from their actions.

The citizenry will be at war with itself.

The United States will become a huge Northern Ireland with more people going at it, or more like the Middle East where, just as the Shi’ites and Sunnis go at each other because of religious differences, the Christians here will be in their own religious wars.

This will not end well as the country becomes divided, and as we are told to be wary of the intentions of other countries to destroy us, they will just have to bide their time as our dignity in the world is destroyed, and we kill the country by the warring divisions within.

The very people who claim they want to save the country  are the very ones who through their selfishness and narrow mindedness will be the ones who will destroy it.

In Jesus’s name.

A novel idea


One of the ways the “religious” crowd get around the responsibility for their bigotry and acts of discrimination is to claim that their religious belief are such that while they do not hate the sinner, they only hate the “sin”.

They claim their actions are directed only toward the sin, although in many, if not most cases, those who say this have no way of knowing if those who are guilty of the sin of acting Gay are guilty of no more than being Gay.

Whereas they may accept the existence of heterosexual virgins, they refuse to accept that there are any Gay ones.

They cannot conceive of the being without the action.

It is as if they look past the person, who might be average, or even very boringly common place, and prefer to dwell on what they imagine the action to be, a form of self created pornography.

And they enjoy it.

If they were actually interested in the person, the sinner, rather than closing their businesses to them or refusing service, you would think that they would have someone sitting outside their doors prepared to hear the confessions of those who wish to enter, but who know themselves to be sinners.

In this way, they would no only be increasing their profits while saving souls, but they would be creating jobs as they would have to hire the confessor.

If it’s true

The Wall Street Journal is not exactly a liberal publication that supports much of President Obama’s agenda, or even Obama himself for that matter. So when it reports on something that is unfavorable to the Right, it is worth noting, or at least given some attention.

The WSJ has reported that Israel has been spying on the talks being conducted by the United States, England, France, China, Germany and Russia with Iran, so this cannot be too easily dismissed.

The purpose of this spying can only be to help Israel undermine the negotiations since the United States knows what it going on, at least its negotiators do, and Israel did not pass its intelligence on to the department in the United State that it should have.

But it did pass it on to someone according to the report.

And to whom did they report what they had found about the talks?

According to the WSJ they shared that information with members of congress. The “spying operation was part of a broader campaign by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to penetrate the negotiations and then help build a case against the emerging terms of the deal.”

If this is true, and Israel passed information on to members of congress and not the White House, it would mean that the Republicans had information they should have passed on the Defense Department.

Espionage is defined as “The act of obtaining, delivering, transmitting, communicating, or receiving information about the national defense with an intent, or reason to believe, that the information may be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation.”

Punishment for espionage carries a sentence of life in prison.

Considering their invitation to Netanyahu to speak against the Iran negotiations and by-passing the President to do so, this is not good for those Republicans who took part in what could be considered sabotage since they went behind his back to scuttle the talks, and may have been involved in spying on the United States and foreign countries for the benefit of a foreign power

Adding this to the letter sent to the leaders of Iran and that Bibi speech, things could get dicey.

Both Boehner and Netanyahu claim they were shocked that there was gambling going on at Rick’ Café, but the WSJ claims its article resulted from interviews with “more than a dozen” officials, including Israeli diplomats, intelligence officials and lawmakers.

The Bibi speech, the Iran letter, and now this.

Hillary wrote emails just like Colin Powell, Romney, and Jeb Bush did.




The Indiana effect


From this point on, in Indiana every day will be a bad hair day.

Stupidity has consequences.

Discrimination is offensive to many people’s religions, so those who choose to discriminate need to be prepared to be turned away from businesses whose owners and employees fall into those classes they choose to discriminate against.

Kick me out of your bakery, restaurant, or whatever business you feel is a church, and be prepared to be thrown out of mine.

Weddings in Indiana, and other states with right to discriminate based on religion laws, will be having the most drab weddings in the history of weddings.

Caterers, florists, hair dressers, wedding planners, and gown designers can turn you away because your discrimination is offensive to their religious beliefs.

Hello, my name is Spence, and I could have been your waiter.

Ma’am, you child needs to transfer to another class.

I can’t give you a marriage license. You have been divorced.

No, you can’t have a room here. I see you are wearing a cross.

Sorry, you killed Jesus.

And debutantes, you may have just lost the pool boy you like to ogle.