With friends like this,etc. etc. etc.


Thanks kid.

We had that conversation during which you and two friends explained to me that you were voting for Trump because he was the best friend to “The Gays”, and things were good here in Massachusetts, so what did we have to fear as a GLBT Community.

Thanks Lesbian veteran who claimed the same thing even as while you had been in the military you had to be careful of discovery or face dishonorable discharge and loss of your veteran benefits and possible future employment because you bought the trope that Obama was coming for your guns and you wanted to make sure Hillary wouldn’t take them either.

Instead you got someone willing to take much more, and has.

Thanks greasy haired tall guy who kept promoting Trump to the young patrons of the Gay bar because they had nothing to lose, telling them that those of us who were concerned were just using fear to promote the other candidate. Yes, you, the guy who condemned imaginary socialism that would come with the defeat of Trump, but had no problem taking a few slices of pizza that someone else had bought for the bar as you spoke to those young men between bites.

Here’s what was not going to happen.

Donald Trump has signed an executive order that revokes President Obama’s Executive Order 13673, or “the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order” requiring that companies receiving large federal contracts demonstrate they have complied with federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender stereotyping.

Contractors can once again discriminate against members of the GLBT Community in hiring and firing, and can still get federal contracts paid partially by the tax dollars collected from the people against whom they can discriminate bringing back the days when the money of Gay people was acceptable, but the people weren’t.

Federal contractors no longer have to prove they have been compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

The Trump administration is proposing a budget that includes cuts of at least $342 million to HIV/AIDS prevention and research, as well as a $50 million cut in the domestic HIV/AIDS budget and another $50 million from the global HIV/AIDS CDC program.

Now compare these cuts to Mike Pence’s expressed desire to take away HIV funding in exchange for starting “Gay Cure” programs. That would include conversion therapy programs where children can be sent to unregulated and uncertified therapists who will take the Gay out and put the Jesus in.

The 2020 census will not include GLBT people as a counted population.

This data is important when it comes to enforcing law because law makers would be better equipped to ensure appropriate legislation to improve the lives of GLBT citizens.

Meghan Maury, Criminal and Economic Justice Project Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force released a statement:

“Today, the Trump Administration has taken yet another step to deny LGBTQ people freedom, justice, and equity, by choosing to exclude us from the 2020 Census and American Community Survey. LGBTQ people are not counted on the Census—no data is collected on sexual orientation or gender identity. Information from these surveys helps the government to enforce federal laws like the Violence Against Women Act and the Fair Housing Act and to determine how to allocate resources like housing supports and food stamps. If the government doesn’t know how many LGBTQ people live in a community, how can it do its job to ensure we’re getting fair and adequate access to the rights, protections and services we need? We call on President Trump and his Administration to begin collecting sexual orientation and gender identity data on the American Community Survey as soon as possible and urge Congress to conduct oversight hearings to reveal why the Administration made the last-minute decision not to collect data on LGBTQ people.”

And if these acts of friendship weren’t enough, Trump has appointed anti-GLBT activist Roger Severino to lead the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights (OCR). He is just one more person appointed by Trump to head an office that he has actively opposed since, as the Director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society for the Heritage Foundation, Severino spoke out against civil rights protections.

He authored a report opposing the OCR’s implementation of a portion of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, and sex in federally-funded health programs, and opposed extending non-discrimination protections to Transgender people.

Winnie Stachelberg, executive vice president for external affairs at the Center for American Progress, has stated,

“Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies routinely denied equal treatment to same-sex couples and more than half of private insurance plans explicitly discriminated against transgender patients, with more than a quarter of transgender people reported being denied medical care by a provider. Severino’s writing makes it clear that he wants to take us back to the days when 1 in 4 transgender people was refused medical care outright.”

Severino is a staunch opponent of the GLBT community and now will make important decisions about Civil Rights.

Oopsy. They did have something to lose.

Discrimination is legal again.

The GLBT Community will be rendered invisible in the next census.

Research, prevention, and treatment of AIDS is going to take a big hit.

Civil Rights are under the control of a man who opposes them.

Yep, these are the actions of our best friend.

So, thanks again.

Where no man will go for a while.


Stalling progress in favor of the status quo is not a good way to go into the future.

Donald Trump seems afraid of science, and is more comfortable with the old ways of energizing this country, unless it is just that his friends and his investments take precedence over the America people, present and future.

I was curious about his attitude toward science and found this.

These are science related tweets:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

“This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice”

“NBC News just called it the great freeze – coldest weather in years. Is our country still spending money on the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?”

“Any and all weather events are used by the GLOBAL WARMING HOAXSTERS to justify higher taxes to save our planet! They don’t believe it $$$$!”

“No more massive injections. Tiny children are not horses—one vaccine at a time, over time.”

“I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future.”

“I’m not against vaccinations for your children, I’m against them in 1 massive dose. Spread them out over a period of time & autism will drop!”

“So many people who have children with autism have thanked me—amazing response. They know far better than fudged up reports!”

“Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days – now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!”

“Stop the EBOLA patients from entering the U.S. Treat them, at the highest level, over there. THE UNITED STATES HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS!”

“The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great-but must suffer the consequences!”

“The U.S. must immediately stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our “borders.” Act fast!”

When it came to appointing people who will have a lot to do with science he:

appointed Scott Pruitt, who is very anti-EPA and favors and promotes fossil fuels over even looking at alternatives or even co-fuel-sources of energy to head that department. Pruitt thinks that the EPA has had n “Activist agenda”, opposes environmental regulations, and denies climate change science;

put Rick Perry in charge of the Department of Energy, a man who thought it was all about bombs. Perry had advocated dismantling the department during his 2012 presidential bid;

chose former ExxonMobil Chief Executive Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. This the man who had been hiding that his company knew it was contributing to Global warming.

Wanted Robert Kennedy, Jr. to chair an autism commission. Kennedy promoted the discredited arguments that link vaccines to autism, and Trump has tweeted that there are “many cases” of children who become autistic after receiving vaccinations;


asked the Department of Energy for the names of employees who have worked on issues related to climate change.

Trump issued an executive order that removes President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity production.

He wants to bring back coal even as he removes support for wind, solar, and other forms of nonpolluting and renewable energy.

Employees of the EPA and USDA were told not to speak to the public.

The EPA was ordered to take down its climate-change page.

45 ignores the reality that solar jobs are on the rise, and, as Hillary had said, it is better to retrain people like coal workers for these jobs of the future than to promise to “end the war on coal and have clean coal, really clean coal”.

While solar now accounts for some 260,000 energy jobs in the country, the majority of which are held by installers making that almost four times the number of coal industry jobs, the coal industry has been on a steady and steep decline for the past 30 years.

When it came to wind energy, Trump had a problem with the wind mills.

First he was concerned that “They’re made out of massive amounts of steel, which goes into the atmosphere, whether it’s in our country or not, it goes into the atmosphere.”

And then there were the birds.

“The windmills kill birds and the windmills need massive subsidies. In other words, we’re subsidising wind mills all over this country. I mean, for the most part they don’t work. I don’t think they work at all without subsidy, and that bothers me, and they kill all the birds.”

The irony of the concerns is that unlike the pollution emitted by coal, steel does not go up into the atmosphere, and as far as subsidies, he has no problem with oil ones.

He also favors both the XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline that could threaten the environment, but is not bothered by the steel from manufacturing those pipes will go up into the atmosphere.

When on British television, Stephen Hawking was asked about Trump’s attitude about science, and how he fits into it. He may have been speaking about himself, but he could very well have been speaking for all science when he said,

“I have many friends and colleagues there, and it is still a place I like and admire in many ways. But I fear that I may not be welcome.”

At the press conference


Misdirection is the art of calling people’s attention away from what you do not want them to see by pointing out something else.

Ventriloquists use it when they have to say a word or phrase that has a lot of letters that are hard to say without even slightly moving their lips. Magicians use it so the audience will look at some extraneous movement and not at an action the magician is doing to make the trick work.  Politicians do it when they are caught doing something questionable, but don’t want you to dwell on that.

Last week not only did Trump lose on his travel ban, but some of his lackeys are willing to testify about involvement with Russia, and his repeal and replace Obamacare pledge tanked.

The person who claimed he was the greatest deal maker of all time failed to make a deal, and the misdirection began.

First it was because the Democrats, who are not the majority party in the House, did not get it passed. Then it was Paul Ryan’s lack of leadership. Then we were told that Trump never said the ACA repeal would happen quickly in spite of all the times he said it would.

They needed a bad guy that people could be distracted with, someone Trump’s supporter would latch on to, and out came Sanctuary cities.

Trump began his campaign by laying the ground work listing stereotypes about immigrants, and then simply keeping to that and repeating his to get cheers and support.

He never listed any statistics to back up his claims, but that did not matter to his fans. He was telling them what they wanted to hear so they could believe it more.

But occasionally you have to spice things up, so the new move became to not just speak against the immigrants who are an imagined threat, but add those people who see beyond the stereotypes and generalizations and have looked at the facts. They are evil too.

And nothing says evil sympathizer more than those who support Sanctuary Cities.

This, of course, works because he does not explain what such cities actually are when he condemns them, but allows people to come up with their own definitions, no matter how incorrect, and then appeals to those self realized definitions as they will most likely be negative since they will conform to his rhetoric.

And so it was that after the failure of Repeal/Replace, when the first order of business would have been to explain what happened and what would happen next, the administration held a press conference, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice would pull current and future grants from any jurisdiction that is violating federal immigration laws.

“I strongly urge our nation’s states and cities and counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws, and to rethink these policies,”

Typically the statement is open and devoid of detail, and did not cite which laws he was referring to or what harm was being done.. Had he done that, it would have been clear that existing Sanctuary Cities aren’t breaking immigration law.

What he wanted to do, and did, was to imply that Sanctuary Cities are themselves as unlawful as are all those imaginary bands of undocumented people roaming city streets throughout the country committing crimes for which they receive immunity.

Boston is one of the cities in Massachusetts that limits cooperation with federal deportation efforts. However, Nicole Caravella, a spokeswoman for Mayor Marty Walsh, pointed out,

“We do not have any policies that run contrary to federal immigration laws, and will wait for further clarification from the Department of Justice.”

Boston has the Trust Act which does not restrict police from communicating with federal immigration officials as Sessions claims, but Sessions seems unaware of that as he claimed that cities like Boston have laws that prohibit or restrict local officials from communicating or maintaining information related to an individual’s immigration status with federal authorities.

The act, except in cases in which there is a court-ordered warrant or they are suspected of a serious crime, does say that police cannot hold undocumented individuals in custody for the purposes of being deported.

Mayor Marty Walsh countered this statement of Sessions and its misleading lack of clarity by saying,

“The threat of cutting federal funding from cities across the country that aim to foster trusting relationships between their law enforcement and the immigrant community is irresponsible and destructive.”

Research holds that both documented and undocumented immigrants are more likely to report crime if they do not fear being questioned about their legal status when they do that.

Trump’s rhetoric dealing with Sanctuary cities makes an unsupported statement that

“These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic.”

I might agree with him if  he were to present statistics that back that statement.

He needs to learn that just saying things does not make them so, and that there are people in this country who are informed, or at the very least will look things like this up.

Scare tactics may have worked in his multiple failed businesses, but they may not be as powerful as he thinks when it comes to governing the country because we have actual laws in place and educated people.


The working wall.


This past weekend, although there as a social justice action in Boston, I drove to Providence, Rhode Island, it being closer, smaller, and less congested than Boston, to join up with a group of people there who planned to counter the Make America Great Again gathering at the City Hall steps.

As I arrived at the designated assembly place by the Bajnotti Fountain in Burnside Park, I had to pass the front of City Hall and was initially a little surprised at the number of young people who had already gathered on the steps and how few were in the park as the official time of the beginning of the gathering approached. I couldn’t understand why so many young people would be celebrating the presidency of Number 45.

After getting some instructions, the usual kind that included the admonition to avoid confrontation and to not engage either verbally or physically with the opposite side, no matter how inviting it was or wanted by them, I walked with those who had gathered at the park’s fountain back toward City Hall where I realized that the ant-Trump people had arrived before the Make America Great Again people had and had claimed the steps.

I had been mistaken in assuming the young people who had gathered were on the MAGA side. I was greatly relieved.

As the official time approached for their gathering, the MAGA celebrants found they had to assembly across the street, and as the size of the crowds on both sides grew, there was an a bit of a comical game of Stratego as those there to celebrate Trump attempted to gain possession of the steps while those who had it calmly resisted.

There were banners from both side that intermingled, sometimes gaining the steps, sometimes being forced to cede ground and be replaced, but there was no pushing or shoving, and although both sides did not agree, for the most part there was no angry yelling, and other than one moment when two participants engaged in a heated exchange that resulted in people gathering in the center of the street, each side facing the other, nothing physical broke out.

A woman with a foot high crucifix that she was shoving in people’s faces while brandishing a set of blue glass Rosary beads was patiently tolerated as she yelled Bible verses and preached salvation while trying to win the top step in front of City Hall, something she accomplished for a moment until she was surrounded by anti-Trump signs and blocked from view.

At the prearranged time, the Make America Great Again people began their march to the State House, and the people I was with gathered in a more organized body and followed behind.

Half way there a small band consisting of drums, a Sousaphone, and some brass instruments joined those of us carrying signs and those who had been banging on plastic buckets with drum sticks and kept playing or beating cadences for the next two hours, countering the speeches of the Trump gathering at the Capitol.

Because they had the permit, the MAGA group assembled on and in front of the steps of the Capitol, and we gathered behind them leaving a neutral zone between us and them.

There was a large police presence, which was only to be expected, and they formed a line in that neutral zone to ensure there would be no verbal or physical contact between groups.

Throughout the speeches the band played and people occasionally chanted, but our attention was on the gathering as a whole and not the individuals involved.

Some of the MAGA people stood behind the police line yelling at us, but they were not engage.

I was at the police line, and one woman with a video camera, obviously hoping for a photo op, was walking behind the police line yelling comments across it, and when she got to me called me a Communist Fascist, and I assumed by the smirk on her face and her body language that she was expecting a recordable reaction. However, as those two political ideologies are opposed to each other rendering me politically neutral by her assessment, I just accepted that she didn’t know what either actually was, and was just hoping to get a rise out of me, an objective she failed to achieve.

In time, the police line reshaped itself so that the Trumpettes could exit to the right of the steps with no chance of any altercation, and when that as completed, straightened out and began walking away from the steps signaling that it was time to leave.

We marched back along the street to where we had assembled earlier and broke up from there.

The number of people celebrating 45 were outnumbered by those who opposed him, and it was made clear in the broadcast news coverage that this bothered them.

It was obvious from what the Make America Great Again people were saying they are still in campaign mode, and have not adjusted to the realities of the post inauguration days.

They were clinging to what they thought would be because of the claims and promises Trump made to them during his campaign either because they were not paying attention to current events, or had simply chosen to ignore them in some form of desperate hope for what is not to be.

In spite of the death of the Republican replacement health care plan the day before their celebratory gathering, many kept making claims that Obamacare was about to be repealed and replaced.

They were praising Trump’s plan to institute a Muslim targeted travel ban as if it had not been stopped a few days before by a federal judge.

Some still wanted Hillary to be locked up while others kept yelling that, in spite of the number of Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, and corporate CEOs being on his administration team, Trump was going to drain the swamp.

Others had signs saying that anyone who did not vote for Trump was a sore loser because the people had voted for Trump. When one of those people with such a sign yelled this at the man next to me and he responded that in reality the majority who voted had chosen Hillary, the sign bearer responded that the majority vote does not count.

In one of the most incongruous and least informed displays I witnesses, a woman was prancing around the crowd waving her “Trans Women for Trump” sign in people’s face, obviously totally oblivious to the fact that just the day before, Trump had appointed a man who claimed Transgender people had no right to equality or healthcare as head of the Health and Human Services Civil Rights office. She seemed to be celebrating the official impending loss of her rights and access to the health care related to her needs as a Transgender woman.

What was made clear to me from this experience is that while people make the attempt to explain reality through facts, they will be rejected because people do not want to deal with the facts, but rather with what they want to believe. Those who hold the thought that reasoned and calm discourse and rational explanation will educate the uninformed must face the reality that education will be rejected, and progress in that area will be blocked.

This makes any rational discourse rather difficult, if not impossible.

And when the facts come out about the falseness of the wiretap claim, the relationship with Russia, the benefiting of corporation over the people he said have been too long forgotten but for whom he would now fight, and how his presidency is more beneficial to Trump than the American people, these MAGA people will simply reject that as it does not fit what they would rather believe.

Meeting in the middle will be impossible as there will be no middle.

The perforated wall


A blind trust is a trust in which a person places his or her investments or assets under the control of an independent trustee and is not advised as to the trustee’s decision making regarding the investments or assets, so as to prevent the expectation of personal profit or benefit from influencing the person’s actions.

When asked about a blind trust related to his businesses , President Trump said,

“If I become president, I couldn’t care less about my company. It’s peanuts. I want to use that same — up here, whatever it may be — to make America rich again, and to make America great again. I have Ivanka and Eric and Don sitting there. Run the company, kids. Have a good time. I’m going to do it for America. … I would put it in a blind trust. Well, I don’t know if it’s a blind trust if Ivanka, Don and Eric run it. But — is that a blind trust? I don’t know. But I would probably have my children run it with my executives. And I wouldn’t ever be involved, because I wouldn’t care about anything but our country. Anything.”

When it came to the Trump Organization, Ivanka had stated,

“My father already said he would put it into a blind trust and it would be run by us. So he’s been very articulate on that fact and outspoken.”

Donald Trump claims he has placed his businesses into a blind trust to avoid potential conflicts of interest and that his children, one of whom will have an office in the West Wing, but no job to warrant it, will see to his business interests.

Eric Trump, perhaps not understanding what a blind trust is or not ever having to watch what he says, although having originally said that he would not speak with the president at all about the status of the Trump Organization, told Forbes that he will give the president financial updates, “the bottom line, profitability reports and stuff like that, but you know, that’s about it”, on the business every quarter.

He had originally said that he compared a blind trust to the wall of separation between church and state saying,

 “There is kind of a clear separation of church and state that we maintain, and I am deadly serious about that exercise. I do not talk about the government with him, and he does not talk about the business with us. That’s the kind of steadfast pact we made, and it’s something that we honor.”

So his saying that he will give the president financial updates on the business every quarter would seem to break down that all.

And he belongs to a family that has a great respect and faith in walls.



Based solely on the word of a man never known to care for anyone beyond himself saying he was for the little guy, and being so pleased that he said what was on his mind, many of those who voted for Trump are beginning to see that he really isn’t for the little guy, and he may have never really said what was on his mind.

During the campaign, they refused to look at facts being presented, claiming that those presenting them were anti-American somehow as if facts were an attack on the country.

But now as they see the facts, many are lamenting their choice and turning to those they had ignored for sympathy for the loss of what they had and empathy for the avoidable position they put themselves in.

They cheered when he said he would drain the swamp only to see Trump introduce into it people who belonged to the very organizations he got them to cheer against during rallies.

They cheered against Wall Street and Goldman Sachs, and people from there are now members of the administration.

Throughout the campaign, they were cautioned to look beyond what was being said to reinforce their beliefs, whether correct or not, and look at the facts. But they insisted that Donald Trump said what he thought and meant what he said.

They had nothing to base that on because, as far as it was related to them, he had never said anything that such a belief could be based on. Basically they did nothing more than assume he meant what he said when they had never seen him do it before.

He was going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it; bring back jobs; and punish those with businesses overseas. He was going to have the best healthcare that would cover everyone for cheaper costs; he was going to keep out Muslims; protect Medicaid, Medicare, and Social security; and he was going to make America great again.

But nothing in his past in any way gave any indication that he could do that, or even that he would.

On the other hand he said he would release his taxes; then didn’t.

He said he would raise money for veterans, but actually didn’t.

He was going to have Mexico pay for the Wall, but can’t get them to.

When he had to deliver on things he promised during his campaign, he just didn’t, but they believed that once he was elected he would.

He would never leave the White House because he has so much work to do. He spends weekends in Florida paid for by his supporters and the rest of us.

He would bring back coal mining jobs, but omitted to mention the mining will be done by machine and the miners were going to lose their retirement and medical benefits.

They believed him because all Hillary offered was their getting retrained for an industry in renewable energy that was cleaner for them, and would keep them employed, an industry that was just coming to life and not dying.

He condemned Obama for playing golf, but plays every weekend, if not in Florida, at his golf resort near D.C.

He would cut out government waste, but has no problem with the workers he said he would help paying to keep Melania secure in New York City.

We are going to have to pay for the wall with the new assurance that Mexico will reimburse us for the cost by having all their products taxed. Remember that when you feel generous and buy tequila shots for your friends at the bar. Basically Mexico will pass any cost on to us, and, “Bob’s your Uncle”, we pay for the wall. And, yes, I actually wrote “Bob’s your uncle”.

The new replacement for the Affordable Care Act would have reduced Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and would have raised costs for the elderly and those who need it the most.

His own daughter moved her factory from China, but not to America, but to Ethiopia.

People found out that not only “those Muslims” and “the Mexicans”, but they themselves who are here legally cannot travel freely, and they, their relatives, and friends are getting deported because they had strongly backed a man they believed was talking about everyone else, but them.

Well as someone who knew he could lose some of the rights he should have had as an American citizen, but had to fight for, and knowing many people in that same position, I just cannot feel sorry for them or empathize or sympathize especially because of the name they called me and the lies they spread to support the man they now question when they appear and the media and explain their shock at what is happening and how hurt they are by their choice that was based on rejecting facts.

No. I cannot cry with them

I will, however, take the time to tell them that at the mid-terms they need to listen to facts and question when everything said by a candidate matches everything they believe or want to believe.

Shower time


Well, see?

Now we have proof that Trump is not a racist that hates among others Native Americans, but someone who hates everyone as long as it means he makes money on his investments.

First he gave the thumbs up to the Dakota Access Pipeline, totally dismissing the concerns of Native Americans, and now he has given the thumbs up to the Keystone XL Pipeline  ignoring the concerns of everyone in its path.

75% of the people in the United States want attention given to the environment, but it is the profits of oil companies, and some foreign one at that, that Trump is concerned about.

Friday, Trump officially announced the approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline right after the State Department issued TransCanada a permit.

Sugar coating things Trump said,

“It’s a great day for jobs and energy independence”.

He also claimed the pipeline is

“the greatest technology known to man or woman.”

Environmentalists opposed the pipeline because it would cut across the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the world’s largest underground deposits of fresh water.

As far as the job creation that makes it “a great day for jobs”, while the claim is that it would create 42,000 jobs directly and indirectly, with 3,900 construction jobs, the permanent jobs that would be left after the construction equipment is moved out and companies take their permanent employees away and lay off the temporary ones would be 50 permanent jobs to maintain the pipeline according to a The State Department conclusion in January 2015.

So for about a year the emphasis will be on the creation of 42,000 jobs with, I am sure, little attention paid to, but much dancing around the almost immediate loss of 4i,950 of them.

Also little talked about will be the close to 2 million people whose water supply will then be sitting under the Sword of Damocles of pollution.

According to Forbes,

“The climate-change skeptic owns shares in Phillips 66 PSX-1.54% – a joint venture partner in the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, where demonstrations are ongoing, and in Kinder Morgan, another pipeline giant facing resistance for its plans to connect the Canadian oil sands to Vancouver, British Columbia. Trump also has a small investment in Canadian energy company TransCanada, the developer of Keystone XL pipeline, which was rejected by President Barack Obama last year but supported by Trump”.

But what’s most important is that the fossil fuel tycoons and their investors will be making more money, and as the song says,

“When the money keeps rolling in you don’t ask how
Think of all the people guaranteed a good time now,”

Ryan has protestors arrested


On Wednesday afternoon, the day before the House was to vote on the new Ryan/Trumpcare bill, a group of protestors from ADAPT, a national grass-roots community that organizes disability rights activists for nonviolent direct actions, like civil disobedience, in order to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities, held a protest against the American Health Care Act currently being debated in Congress with its proposed cuts to Medicaid.

They want to preserve these four provisions of the Affordable Care Act:

1. The ACA prohibition against discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions by insurance companies.

2. The ACA extension of Money Follows the Person, a Republican New Freedom initiative that is liberating thousands of disabled people from institutions.

3. The ACA establishing the Community First Choice Option, a Medicaid option that incentivizes states to free people with disabilities from nursing facilities and institutions.


4. The ACA authorized accessibility standards for Diagnostic Medical Equipment so people with disabilities could get access to preventative healthcare screenings and appropriate diagnostic testing.

They gathered in the hall outside Ryan’s office holding sign saying “Medicaid= life 4 disabled”, and chanting “I want the Medicaid.”

U.S. Capitol Police arrested 54 people, 41 women and 13 men, many in wheelchairs, who were charged with obstructing passage through a public building and refusing to stop after being instructed by police to do so.

Ryan/Trumpcare will cut $880 billion from Medicaid in the next decade which will force states to have to decide whether to provide healthcare to the elderly in nursing homes, to children, or to the disabled.

This is hat Ryan wants.

As he explains it,

“It is important that we get this done so that we can do tax reform. Because this bill also takes out about $900 billion in tax increases, the Obamacare tax increases are taken out which makes it $900 billion easier to reform the tax code afterwards … That’s why this is really important.”

Ryan didn’t like them protesting.