So, where was He?


It seems every time there is a school shooting, the weakly informed and those who have a particular agenda immediately claim that school shootings happen because God has been locked out of the school house.

Reality is that God has not been locked out, but those with an agenda that pushes their religious beliefs on others have been limited in the degree to which they can do that.

I taught at a high school in one school district where the Southern Baptists were given free rein to enter the building while other religions had restrictions.

Youth ministers were allowed to stand by the cafeteria doors handing out Baptist literature and advertisements for church events and organizations, while other religions were first required to try get often denied permission for a limited presence, and were then restricted as to what they could offer and where.

Students could pray whenever they felt the need, just not in a way that disrupted the classroom or school activities, and they certainly could not force their prayers on others.

As I walked by the Prayer at the Pole gathering one time, one of the students shouted over that they were going to pray for me. I politely asked them not to.  They did anyway.

Then teachers were directed over the P.A. by a vice-principal to turn on the televisions in our classrooms where he then ran a video recording of the kids praying and him preaching.

I told my students it was inappropriate, especially if they had chosen not to attend the event, and turned the television off. No one in my classroom complained.

When invocations ended with “In Jesus’s name” you not only knew it was a Baptist payer, but it was obvious the payer favored those religions based on Jesus while minimizing those that weren’t.

And if it were true that school shootings only began after forced prayer and the adherence to one denomination were ended, then, how does one explain the 63 shootings of groups or individuals that happened at schools from the 1700s until prayer was stopped in the early 1960s?

And further, how does one explain the shootings that have taken place in religious schools like:
St. Mary Catholic School, Griffin, Indiana; Agape Christian School, Pine Hills, Florida; La Salle High School, Cincinnati,Ohio;                                          Apostolic Revival Center Christian School, Fort Meyers, Florida; Oikos University, Oakland, California;  Prattville Christian Academy, Montgomery, Alabama; Seattle Pacific University, Seatle, Washington;   Episcopal High School, Jacksonville, Florida; West Nickel Mine Amish School, Bart Township, Pennsylvania; and this short list does not include churches where shootings or bombings have taken place.

Certainly God wasn’t locked out of those places.

Wrong religion?

Was He distracted by a high school football game?

The God-is-locked-out-of-school thing is just an attempt to ignore the real causes that may be difficult to address in favor of a convenient and expedient way to push a particular brand of religion.

Bearing false witness seems to be one of those Commandments that can be easily ignored for convenience by those who claim the Bible is inerrant, and none of it can be ignored.

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  1. They don’t understand the commandment abut adultery either.

    clip Bearing false witness seems to be one of those Commandments that can be easily ignored for convenience by those who claim the Bible is inerrant, and none of it can be ignored.

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