No, they’re not


There’s something a little disconcerting to hear people from the Southern Red States decrying those from foreign countries who are coming here, taking their jobs, and relying on  public assistance to live here without having to work.

First they cannot be taking jobs if they are on public assistance, and secondly, they, besides not qualifying for public assistance, would be idiots if they were here illegally and then report to a government office to get free money.

Southern Red States have been effectively fooled into accepting a false history for the benefit of those who continue to play them for fools.

They decry people from other countries coming to take their jobs and demonstrate their displeasure at this by waving confederate flags and celebrating their heritage, even though that heritage is not the romantic heritage they have been fooled into accepting.

In the antebellum agrarian south, the upperclass made its wealth by importing slaves from foreign countries who were forced to work for free in order to avoid having to pay “Native” southerners who had to survive on subsistence farming. The jobs that could have earned them a wage were given to those brought here to do it for free, and then they were fooled into fighting a war to keep this system going.

Their southern heritage is being forced into a never ending cycle of poverty as the Southern Red States are now dependent on federal money and are the highest users of welfare, food stamps, and federal programs. Southern Red States get more back for each dollar paid into the federal coffers while Blue States get less and are subsidizing the Southern ones.

Even to this day, Southerners are kept from having jobs that could earn them wages because, even as the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, it contains a convenient loophole that has been used to keep people working for no wages while those who could use the wages are left out.

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Create laws that create criminals, apply those laws selectively, mete out long prison sentences, convince the general population that one segment of society has a natural propensity to commit crimes which calls for protecting the general population, and people will be glad others are locked up and will fail to see they are working at jobs the members of the general population should have, a population that does not recognize they are further being used because they are paying tax money to support for profit prisons so the companies for which prisoners work increase their profits by not having to pay any income out into wages and the owners of the for profit prisons, who by contract must be supplied a required amount of prisoners or the counties and states will be monetarily penalized, that penalty being paid by the taxpayers who are, again, locked out of the salaried jobs.

One of the reasons corporations speak against Unions is because of them workers cannot be under or insultingly paid, and working conditions must be humane. Unions also led the fight against using prisoner labor in lieu of the non-prisoner work force. As in other areas where they sided against their own best interests, Southern worker were convince Unions were bad things that kept them from being able to find work.

So Southern Red States, blind to their own reality, have been convinced that immigrants are the ones keeping them from their jobs while the system they love has been doing that since Jamestown, and having been convinced that others have been taking their jobs they count on messiahs to end that not realizing their messiahs have been playing them and benefiting.

Immigrants aren’t taking your jobs.

The “job creators” aren’t offering them to you.

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