Requirements for buying a gun


Remember, when teachers are asking for decent wages, respect, and treatment as professionals, the politicians refer to them as “union thugs”.

Now, rather than make it harder for people to get guns whose only purpose is to kill many people in a short amount of time, and while claiming those doing mass school shootings suffer some form of mental illness, they cheer an executive order to make it easier for those people to get guns, with their solution for school shootings being to arm the thugs.

Teachers are getting sued for quite a few foolish things these days.

Parents, who do not instill self discipline or self-control in their children, who dismiss the need for etiquette or proper social behavior in them, will, because the teacher might yell at them while correcting their bad behavior, might tell them an answer is incorrect, or might not treat them as the prince or princess they think they are, will certainly sue a teacher who isn’t fast enough to shoot an intruder before a student gets shot or whose bullet ricochets off something in the hall hitting a kid.

What would be the limits to teacher liability, and who will cover the cost of the necessary insurance coverage?

Will the school defend the teachers or hang them out to dry, which is the most common approach when a parent goes after a teacher?

There are very few secrets in school. Students know more than adults not on campus can imagine they know. Which school staff is armed will not remain a secret very long, and an intruder, especially one who may have attended the school, will know which teacher should be eliminated first and whose students will be the first victims.

Will the teacher who goes down while defending the students be honored as a hero the same way as a fallen hero in battle is, and will the family be bestowed with something other than a funeral to attend?

Congress, while doing nothing to control a person’s ability to obtain unnecessary style weapons, and is discussing allowing gun owners from states who have few if any restrictions on the purchase of guns to carry their weapons into states with strict laws in violations of the laws of those states and the will of the people in them, is considering laws that require armed school personnel to undergo strict training, certification, psychological testing, mental health evaluation, and the like before they can protect students, while anyone with the cash, a checking account, or a credit or debit card can walk into a gun store or gun show and walk out with a weapon with which to kill the students and the teachers,

Arming teachers will increase gun sales and manufacturers’ profits, while experts with no experience in dealing with school shootings will be hired as consultants on something they know little about .

Rather than put a dent in gun sale profits, lawmakers prefer to have school districts spend millions on non-classroom, non-education related guns and programs, but not on students.

Of the two approaches, eliminating the problem or dealing with a problem you choose not to eliminate, the choice should be a simple one.

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