He is not the country

After the FBI raided the New York office and residence of Michael Cohen with search warrants obtained by FBI agents and federal prosecutors in New York in coordination with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team looking for information about a $130,000 payment the attorney made to porn star Stormy Daniels, Trump declared that beside it being a witch hunt and a disgrace, he also declared it was

 “an attack on our country in a true sense, an attack on what we all stand for.”

But Trump may have forgotten he had pretty much invited them to do that when in response to a question about his knowledge of the pay off Trump had suggested they go get the answer.

“You’ll have to ask Michael Cohen. Michael is my attorney. You’ll have to ask Michael.”

As far a being an attack on the country, again, Trump has inflated himself to be as great as if not one and the same with the country.

He isn’t. Nor was the raid on Cohen’s offices, complete with search warrants, a raid on the country. 9/11 and the attack on Pearl harbor were attacks on the country.

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