A new market means more sales


One of the best ways for a manufacturer to increase its sales is to increase its patrons.

For seven years now the gun manufacturers, with the help of the NRA, has been increasing its sales by claiming President Obama was coming to take away guns.

Apparently people figured that the more guns that had to be carried away the more fatigued those carrying them away would get, so they would just stop taking them. I have to assume that was the plan since spending money to purchase lots of guns that they would lose seemed like a poor way to spend money.

It seems, perhaps, that someone figured that out and decided not to buy more guns they would lose,and keep the money, so manufacturers had to come up with a way to get more consumers.

The pharmaceutical companies have already found that they could increase the number of pills sold by coming up with campaigns labeling conditions children grew out of “adult onset (you condition here)”, and coming up with new conditions that need treatment.

Laugh at a bad joke, there’s  a name for the condition and a pill for that now.

The gun manufacturers and their allies have copied this approach, but in reverse.

Adults can only buy so many guns, so why not make laws allowing kids to carry them, and make guns light enough and colorful enough for children. They already did it with pink rifles for girl that had a My Little Pony tone to them.

Iowa’s Republican-majority House recently passed a children gun law that would allow kids to use handguns with parental supervision.

Presently a child has to be 14years old to use a pistol or revolver with “direct supervision of a parent or guardian”.

According to Iowa State Rep. Jake Highfill,

“This bill is one of the best bills we’ve done to advance Second Amendment rights of Iowans. It returns the power back to where it fully belongs. Back in the hands of parents to make those decisions they are entitled to do instead of the government.”

Parents can begin to organize well regulated militias of toddlers now.

An attempt at reason was a subsection to that bill that says that the parent or guardian of the child in possession of the weapon “for any lawful purpose” is responsible “to an injured party for all damages resulting from the possession of the pistol or revolver or ammunition therefor by that minor.”

So you can rest assured in your dying breath, that the parents will pay.

The bill allowing children to carry was supported by the Iowa Firearms Coalition which has been recognized by the NRA.

From its web site:
“Iowa Firearms Coalition was awarded the prestigious honor of being an official NRA Affiliate Club. This proud partnership between Iowa Firearms Coalition and the NRA establishes a firm foundation upon which we to continue to defend Iowan’s Second Amendment, God-given rights.”

Although the parental supervision subsection might appear to be a good thing, I have witnessed a number of public temper tantrums being thrown in stores with the kid going berserk, some becoming violent, with a parent standing right there.

Imagine if that kid was packing.

I really do not think at that point a strong word or a dirty look is going to fill the child with reason.

Iowa State Representative  Kirstin Running-Marquardt opposed the bill pointing out,

“What this bill does, the bill before us, allows for 1-year-olds, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds to operate handguns. We do not need a militia of toddlers. We do not have handguns that I am aware of that fit the hands of a 1- or 2-year-old.”

Obviously, there is a new market that will have the gun manufacturers producing child size guns.

More sales.

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