They are losing their “moral high ground”

We are told by evangelical leaders that if we do not support a multi-divorced, serial husband who cheated on his wife at the time before marrying his mistresses after the resulting divorce, a man who brags about grabbing women’s genitals, a man who publicly tells the world  that he lusts after his own daughter and tells a friend that he thought a 10 year old was so pretty he would like to seduce her when she came of age, a man who is involved in gambling and promiscuity, both violations of the Bible, and a man who swears in front of kids between the age of 12 and 20, then we are turning our backs on God.

Besides standing in front of the Boy Scouts and having them boo the previous president, something scouts should not be doing and which the president of the United States should not have them do, he decided to use a little foul language to begin his speech. “What the hell” may be okay in informal talk among friends, but not when a president is speaking to youth.

He appoints a man as his White House Communications Director who loves the F-Bomb and refers to himself and others engaging in a little self gratification.

He has been cyber-bullying the Attorney General, his first major supporter in the Primary Season (good job on that cyber-bullying work, by the way, Melania) because he legally and properly recused himself from any involvement in the Russia probe. Taking the coward’s approach, rather than tell Jeff Sessions to resign and accept the reaction to that, Trump is trying to have him quit.

This is not sitting well with many Republicans.

Even  Senator Charles E. Grassley said  he would not consider holding confirmation hearings for a replacement if Sessions quits or is fired any time this year, leaving Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein  to head the Justice Department. But Trump is mad at him for having appointed Robert S. Mueller as special counsel in the investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia during the elections

He claimed, without having done so, that he consulted military leaders when he decided to tweet that he was throwing Transgender military personnel out of the armed services.

But his lie is forgivable with the religious right because his action supports their bigotry, a bigotry that supports so called religious freedom laws that would allow people to discriminate against other citizens on very flimsy religious grounds

The religious right, meanwhile, has been silent on his trashing the White House, assaulting civil language and conduct, lying, and his showing contempt for the Constitution.

They have sold out the teachings of Jesus and have replaced them with the support of lying, cheating, promiscuity, foul language from a president, bigotry, judgment, name calling, and the attempt to end health care for everyone, food for shut-ins, and heating oil help for the needy in winter.

They can’t win people to Jesus by spreading His message, so they have chosen to abandon it, and replace it with a faith in a very indecent man.

The president is THAT kid

If you ever taught, you know this kid.

He is the one who would have been the bravest and done the most damage “if he had been there”. You name the event, the war, the riot, the fight, the persecution; if he had been there, he would have led the charge and done the bravest and most damaging act.

But he wasn’t, so his tough talk is a safe brag.

He is the kid who runs to be the first in the ring forming around a potential cafeteria fight, yelling, “Fight. Fight. Fight” to get things going, but stays in the second row to avoid any fight overflow, and is the first to take off when a teacher shows up.

He is the kid who only issues a challenge that could result in a fight as long as there is an adult nearby who can prevent any possible fighting, and then brags about how tough he would have been if the fight had happened.

He is the kid in the neighborhood whose mother always seems to call when his participation in a fight is prevented by that.

He is the kid who is always encouraging others to resolve their differences with fists.

But he never fights, can always get out of a fight, and never gets involved in one himself.

He is the kid who lives his machismo through vicarious experience.

He does not engage physically or verbally because he fears pain, but he spreads rumors, or does not quell those he could, so that he can see other people fight each other for his entertainment.

And, if he does actually do something that should come back on him, he deflects attention toward someone else, or simply out right blames others for what he has himself done.

He lives in a world based on bragging that if only circumstances had been different, what a terror he would have been.

That kid is our forty-fifth president.

He avoided the draft multiple times, once because of bone spurs on a foot he could not point to when he was asked on video which one had them.

But he loves to talk tough, drop bombs, threaten other countries with our troops, other people’s children, but never his own. He surrounds himself with men in uniform, and smirks his support of the troops.

Someone handed him his Purple Heart won during his service, and the president proclaimed he always wanted one of those, forgetting that people are aware he did everything to avoid being in a position to earn one.

He watched the events of 9/11 from his midtown tower and then collected money from the 9/11 fund to repair supposed damage to his building. He condemned Muslims in New Jersey who supposedly celebrated the attack, claiming he had been a witness to this, but had been watching coverage on television where this was not shown.

He talked tough on Mexico’s paying for his wall, but choked when he met the president.

He was tough on China until, over a chocolate cake and face to face with that country’s president, he decided China was okay.

He told people at his campaign rallies to rough opponents up and that he would pay for their legal fees, but then claims, in spite of video and audio evidence, that he never did that.

He is caught making fun of a handicapped reporter for applause, and denies that too.

He has been surrounded by security and expensive lawyers most of his life, and then tells police officers to be tough on people they arrest, setting up, thereby, an implied adversarial relationship between police and the communities they patrol, and will most likely use any reaction to police brutality as a tool to show how his tough talk should be followed.

He sets up our troops and police for harm, and hides at his golf courses when he has work to do.

He is the kid who, while talking tough and daring anyone to come at him, is making sure he knows where the nearest exit is.

He is a man stuck in middle school without any awareness that his peers have grown up.

Consider this.

If this sounds outrageous, consider this:

According to Trump and parroted by his Trumpettes, Transgender people are apparently  flocking to military service recruitment offices to get free medication and operations to transition.

They are willing to face bullets, IEDs, suicide bombers, and loss of life and limb  just to get the  free benefits.

The military already covers the cost of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for about ten times higher than the cost to cover transition-related surgeries and other treatments.

In 2014, the Defense Department spent a total of $84.24 million on erectile dysfunction prescriptions with $41.6 million specifically spent on Viagra. Between 2004 and 2013, service members diagnosed with erectile dysfunction doubled, which is approximately 10,000 new diagnoses each year.

The top cost of allowing Transgender people to serve would be $8.4 million.

Having a soldier’s soldier stand at attention costs ten times what it would cost for all the care that is medically necessary for Transgender troops.

When it comes to a fire-fight or any military operation, apparently the president feels it is better to have a person fighting with you who has a raging hardon than someone who went through the training to be a soldier and is there to fight.

According to press spokesperson Ms Huckabee-Sanders, a rager is part of “ what was best for the military and military cohesion.”

Trump’s week so far, and it’s only Hump Day

While he was acceptable as the Attorney General in spite of his rather racist past, Jeff Session was perfect for the job until Donald Trump decided he was not as loyal to him personally as he should be.

All men being created equal can be compromised, but loyalty to Trump?

Bruised by the slight, Donald Trump turned to those whose loyalty he could count on.

He was never a Boy Scout but denigrated Obama who had been.

And being the man he is, Donald Trump demanded that Scouts be loyal to him.