America first. Kinda, sorta



It’s America first.

So one of Donald Trumps first acts in the Oval Office was to allow for theĀ  Keystone XL Pipeline to cut through the United States so that foreign oil from Canada, Canada being a foreign country and not America, so it can get to Texas and be shipped from there to another foreign country, China.

He claims the pipeline will create thousands of jobs, but then seems to skip over what happens to those jobs once the pipeline in completed. Yes he will be able to claim he created jobs, but the majority of those will be temporary, and eventually people will notice that.

Another fine point is that this will not benefit Americans, but only the Canadian tar sands oil company, and the oil executives whose companies will handle and ship the oil to China, oh, and people like Trump who have invested in those companies.

But by repeating “it will help make America great” will be like chanting about supporting the troops and then cutting public assistance that helps some of them and their families, and freezing federal hiring that could interfere with care at the VA.

Sounds good. Means nothing.

And people will defend the ruse because they think it will prove their patriotism.

And, Trump counts on that.

The most Americans will get out of this, God forbid, will be any environmental damage that could happen.

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