No one likes to be last off the bench

When you are sitting on the bench in the elementary school playground and the two captains of the teams that are about to play during recess are picking players, it is a bit of a blow to your self-esteem when there are few people left and you are one of them. Your desperate prayer is not to be the last one sitting on the bench, and, if you are, your inclusion on one team is signaled by a disappointed look , a shrug of resignation ,and an eye roll of the captain who has to accept you because you are the last choice and it is his turn to pick.

On the world stage, imagine being a country that fears that you will only be condemned in a Trump tweet because, well, you are the only one left.

After countries like Australia, China, France, Germany, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Palestine, have been victims of tweets and surprise changes in relations, it is just possible other countries may not want to be left out of that club.


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