Let’s all enjoy the parade

Six months after Hurricane Maria, a major power failure put almost a million people in and around San Juan, Puerto Rico back in darkness.

Since Maria, 10 percent of Puerto Ricans still do not have electricity.

One city, Yabucoa, considered ground zero for the storm, has yet to be rebuilt, or even cleaned up. Its baseball stadium is an abandoned mangled wreck, two-thirds of the city is still without power, and the city is bring run out of a private home because City Hall is unusable.

The eye of Maria passed right over Yabucoa when the storm entered Puerto Rico there on September 20 with 155 mph winds, eventually killing more than 60 people (officially, although the unofficial estimate is closer 1,000), and destroying homes and knocking out the island’s power.

While FEMA has shipped in generators, local officials have had to supply 19 generators on their own to keep the local water plant running.

About 150,000 customers remain without power across the island six months after they lost it.

When was the last time Puerto Rico crossed your mind, or, even worse, Flint Michigan?

Now, let’s all enjoy that multi-million dollar presidential self-esteem booster.

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